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Community Organizer (Midway/Clairemont)


San Diego

Rolling application. Priority given to applications submitted before March 1st, 2022.


As a member of the advocacy team, the community organizer for Midway/Clairemont will be responsible for mobilizing youth (15-24) to advocate for affordable housing and accessible transportation in San Diego.


Position Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with the Director of Advocacy to coordinate grassroots housing advocacy

  • Potential responsibilities include:

  • Mobilizing youth through social media/outreach campaigns

  • Formulating outreach strategies with the outreach team

  • Fostering relationships and networks with student organizations in the Midway/Clairemont area

  • Attend staff meetings

  • Additional duties as assigned.

Experience & Education:

High school diploma required. 

Current undergraduate students are preferred. 

Previous experience in advocacy work preferred.

Hourly Commitment:

Average 8 hours per week


$17.30 per hour


As a 501(c)(3) youth empowerment nonprofit, OTTA United is dedicated to building youth power (aged 15-24) in areas predominantly occupied by adults to benefit the community as a whole.

OTTA United values authenticity and passion. We play the role of coalition builders and mentors within our communities, sharing knowledge, resources, credit, and impact. And as a justice-oriented, impact-driven, and people-centered organization, our perspective grounds us with who we serve and the work we do while advancing our mission.

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