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Our First Annual Winter Gala... And You're Invited!

It has been a busy year for Our Time to Act United (OTTA United). From advocating for equitable representation during the redistricting process, to joining our community for San Diego Pride, to increasing youth and API civic engagement, OTTA United has built a reputation as a beacon of change and a symbol of youth solidarity. With great exuberance, OTTA United is proud to announce our Winter Gala: A Sky Full of Stars. As we wrap up the year 2022, OTTA United would like to take the opportunity to celebrate our impact in the community surrounded by the very people who make our impact possible.

Everyone is invited to come and join us on Sunday, December 11th from 5:30-8:30 pm for a night full of excitement. The event features food from local businesses, project showcases highlighting OTTA United’s initiatives, and keynote speakers Aidan Lin, Executive Director of OTTA United, Todd Gloria, the Mayor of the City of San Diego, and Councilmember-elect Kent Lee. After all, what would a celebration be without friends and family?


Let’s hear from our Director of Communications, Isaac Lara, and Assistant Director of Communications, Rachel Choy, about the upcoming gala.

Q: What is your favorite part about planning for the Gala?

Isaac: My favorite part about the Gala has to be being able to see different people come together to achieve this much bigger goal.

Rachel: Collaborating with OTTA United staff in creating info-graphics for our project showcases which you'll see at the end of the program! It was heartwarming and nostalgic to see all our accomplishments, impact, and efforts summarized on these poster boards.

Q: What does this Gala mean to you?

Isaac: I think for me, personally, this gala is a combination of a lot of our organization’s efforts. I think it has revealed people’s strengths and where they can be helpful in the event programming process, and essentially requires people to rely on each other for this event to happen.

Rachel: It's a time for celebration and unity. Our staff has been working incredibly hard over the past year and deserves recognition for their nonstop efforts. It is also a way to show my appreciation for the organizations and individuals who are working towards the same goal and making this community whole.

Q: Which food item are you most looking forward to?

Isaac: I am most looking forward to trying the mochi that Tommy, our Director of Operations, recommended. I first tried it at my dog’s birthday party and it’s just super good Mochi.

Rachel: It's simple, but the fried rice. I do like a good bowl of fried rice.


We look forward to seeing you at our gala! Don’t forget to shine like the star that you are!

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