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Two young leaders, Nicole Lillie and Yvania Rubio, take new leadership roles on staff team

Two young leaders, Nicole Lillie and Yvania Rubio, take new leadership roles on staff team

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Aidan Lin, Executive Director

In the new year, we at Our Time to Act (OTTA) United are proud to announce two brand new positions in our staff team: Housing Projects Director and Director of Organizing. These positions represent the trailblazing work we are doing to advance housing solutions for youth and the broader San Diego community and the intentional focus on organizing youth that our mission calls for. Joining us in these new roles are renowned youth leaders and previous OTTA United staff members Nicole Lillie and Yvania Rubio, respectively.

Nicole Lillie (she/her) served as the Project Director for OTTA United’s Youth Voter Engagement Project in the 2022 election. As a high school student, Ms. Lillie got her start in advocacy and voter engagement by organizing multiple voter registration drives at her high school. She also built up her school’s Rotary Interact Club as President for three years. She has demonstrated remarkable leadership capability both within and outside of OTTA United, engaging with thousands of youth and championing the cause of youth participation in politics.

In her new role as Housing Projects Director, Ms. Lillie will work to organize and engage youth in local housing solutions, with a specific emphasis on Community Planning Groups and Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) in San Diego.

Yvania Rubio (she/her/élla) worked alongside Ms. Lillie in OTTA United’s Youth Voter Engagement Project. She currently serves as a Youth Commissioner for the City of San Diego, and recently completed internships with Youth Will and the Live Well Youth Sector at the County of San Diego. During her time at OTTA United and in our community, Ms. Rubio demonstrated an incredible talent for building relationships with youth and policymakers, sharing her own lived experiences as a source of empowerment, and being a strong advocate for her own communities and those around her.

As Director of Organizing, Ms. Rubio will drive bold change in local and regional communities that places more power in the hands of youth for an inclusive, equitable, and sustainable future. She will lead OTTA United’s organizing strategy, support new and capable youth leaders, and deepen our relationships with the broader communities we serve.

We have immense confidence in these two young leaders, and we look forward to working with them in their new roles to expand OTTA United’s reach, impact, and advancement of our mission.

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