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A Glimpse into Our Impact

Here are the highlights of what we've been up to in the past few years. 

March 2022 - Redistricting Reform

At City Council Rules Committee, we presented research and recommendations for redistricting reform in the City of San Diego.

Screenshot 2023-08-19 at 7.58.56 AM.png

April 2022 - Get Out to Vote Campaign Kickoff

We had our Get Out To Vote (GOTV) Campaing kickoff for an initiative to increase API voter engagement.

Screenshot 2023-08-19 at 8.01.54 AM.png

April 2022 - Consulting Youth-Led Tennis Clinic

Our Time To Act began consulting JAMMA Tennis Clinic, a youth-led non-for-profit, as they scaled up their programs and considered acquiring 501(c)(3) status.

Screenshot 2023-08-19 at 8.03.26 AM.png

June 2022 - Our First Retreat Ever

For the first time, Our Time To Act staff and board members gathered in the SF Bay Area for a retreat.

Screenshot 2023-08-19 at 8.08.55 AM.png

July 2022 - Our Time To Act Marches in San Diego Pride Parade

Our Time To Act took part in the 2022 San Diego Pride and Festival.

Screenshot 2023-08-19 at 8.10.21 AM.png

Sept. 2022 - Community Planning Reform

Alongside Circulate San Diego, we pushed for reform in San Diego’s community planning group (CPG) policies. Reforms were adopted on September 13th, 2022.

Screenshot 2023-08-19 at 8.12.50 AM.png

Oct. 2022 - "Paws-itivitely Ready for the Polls" Event

Our Youth Voter Engagement Project (YVEP) held several successful GOTV events by bringing dogs to campus. Our fluffy friends helped us reach thousands of US San Diego students.

Screen Shot 2022-10-03 at 12.24.19 PM.png

Oct. 2022 - Co-Hosting local Candidate Forum

YVEP co-hosted a local forum for San Diego City Council DIstrict 6 and Office 35 of the San Diego County Superior Court. Over 80 UC San Diego Students attended.

Screenshot 2023-08-19 at 8.16.28 AM.png

Nov. 2022 - 300+ Doors Knocked for the Asian and Pacific Islander Voter Survey

Our API Voter Engagement Project (AVEP) knocked over 300 doors in Mira Mesa, San Diego, to survey unregistered voters in our efforts to understand and close the API voter registration gap.

Screenshot 2023-08-19 at 8.16.52 AM.png

Dec. 2022 - Annual Gala: A Sky Full of Stars

To cap off the year, we hosted our first-ever annual gala. With the remarks and attendance of local elected officials, 11 co-hosts and three sponsors, and over 75 attendees, this event was an incredible success.

Screenshot 2023-08-19 at 8.19.56 AM.png

Mar. 2023 - Pro-Housing Rally

We shifted the narrative by hosting a pro-housing rally, garnering community members to collectively voice their opinions on the street. 

Screenshot 2023-08-19 at 8.21.21 AM.png

Mar. 2023 - Mini-Workshop with SEEN@SDHS

Aidan Lin, the Executive Director of Our Time To Act, hosted a workshop to Students 4 Education Equity Now.

Screenshot 2023-08-19 at 8.24.22 AM.png

April. 2023 - National Walkout Against Gun Violence

Although Gun Violence Prevention is not an official subject Our Time To Act covers, Our Time To Act members passionately march in support.


May. 2023 - Housing Listening Session

We sat down with community members, discussed our ideas and feelings in regard to the housing situation in San Diego, and created art.

Screenshot 2023-06-19 at 11.06.45 PM.png

June. 2023 - Finding Hope In Housing

One month later, we regrouped again, this time with lego pieces.

Screenshot 2023-08-19 at 8.35.53 AM.png

June. 2023 - Radical Candor Workshop

We hosted a Radical Candor Workshop, a concept we value and often share with others.


June. 2023 - Our First Ever Coffee Chat

Members of Our Time To Act gathered together to sip on some coffee while listening to a presentation on how our brand was created.

Screenshot 2023-08-19 at 8.41.19 AM.png

Aug. 2023 - Planning Committee

We attended another planning committee to fight for affordable housing and transportation.

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