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San Diego and/or Remote

Rolling application. Priority given to applications submitted before January 30th, 2024.



As an accountant, you will play a key role in ensuring the financial health and compliance of OTTA United. We are looking for a detail-oriented individual who is a self-learner and eager to learn about financial procedures, policies, and systems.


Key responsibilities include:

  • Process invoices, write checks, and handle inquiries for workshop commissions

  • Reconcile bank statements

  • Manage reimbursements

  • Assist in preparing the financial reports including income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements

This is the dream job for someone who is looking to kick-start a career in accounting and finance. We accept applications from those at all levels of experience.

We are looking for someone who:

  • Has strong organizational and time management skills

  • Has the ability to work both independently and as part of a team

  • Has a desire to understand accounting principles and financial concepts

  • Is passionate about our mission



A high school diploma is preferred, although not required if a candidate has exemplary accounting experience.



The work modality of this role is either hybrid or remote. Work is welcome in person at OTTA United’s office, located in San Diego, California (3252 Holiday Court Ste 103, San Diego, CA 92037), but it is not required.


This position is on a volunteer basis. There is no monetary compensation for this position at this time. OTTA United deeply values the potential for personal and career development and strives to uplift its team members to best position them for their bright futures. Non-monetary benefits include:

  • Tailored work experience and growth to fit your desired career path

  • Hands-on experience with Quickbooks and resources to foster exploration

  • Letters of recommendation

  • Certified Volunteer Hours, if requested

  • A tight-knit team and community of fellow change-makers

OTTA United is a youth-founded, youth-led 501(c)(3) nonprofit with the mission to organize powerful youth for an inclusive, equitable, and sustainable future.

OTTA United values authenticity and passion. We play the role of coalition builders and mentors within our communities, sharing knowledge, resources, credit, and impact. And as a justice-oriented, impact-driven, and people-centered organization, our perspective grounds us with who we serve and the work we do while advancing our mission.

Applications are a two-way street. We make our values as an organization clear to you to make sure our team is the right fit—and we hope we are! Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Our team values flexibility and taking initiative over structure and top-down delegation. This philosophy is not a good fit for all, so we want to be clear upfront. If you thrive in dynamic, open environments, this is the place for you.

  • We value meaningful impact and support. We seek to authentically serve both our audience and our team members alike.

  • We are committed to being an inclusive and diverse group of people. These values are reflected in our hiring practices, decision-making, and programs.

  • Our team and organization are growth-minded and development-focused. We always have room to improve, at all levels of our organization!

  • Our organization promotes honesty, communication, and integrity. These values allow us to be an effective team.

  • We praise creativity and ingenuity. Nothing is more exciting than thinking outside of the box or challenging the status quo.

  • We prefer personability over professionalism, at least in internal settings.

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