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"[The commission] simply [did] not reflect the diversity of San Diego, nor the experiences of most residents, and repeatedly proved themselves incapable of putting aside their own biases for the good of the city. No wonder the Commission has been incapable of handling the complex racial dynamics at the center of redistricting."

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Both API and youth suffer a lack of representation in the city politics of San Diego. Only three API city council members have been elected in the city's history: Tom Hom (elected 1963), Todd Gloria (elected 2008), and Chris Cate (elected 2014). Youth, on the other hand, face countless roadblocks to achieving legitimate stakeholder status in politics.


  • REACH and ENGAGE API and youth citizens in University City.


  • From April to May, Our Time To Act will run a voter registration campaign in University City, targeting API and youth citizens.

  • From May to June, and September to November, we will run two get-out-the-vote (GOTV) campaigns for the primary and general election, respectively.

  • To contact voters, we will put boots on the ground with a trained team of approximately a dozen youth (age 18-24). This allows us to open new opportunities while building a team that best suits the University City community. 

  • In addition to door-knocking, Our Time To Act will plan a comprehensive community outreach campaign to complement our door-to-door efforts, including advertisements, community events, and business collaboration.



Interactions with youth voters


Interactions with API voters


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Cost of reaching one target voter

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