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Midway District, neighboring Old Town San Diego, is home to many notable attractions in SD such as Kobey’s Swap Meet and Pechanga Arena. In 2020, voters approved an increase in the development. Recently, however, the city has recently blocked bids that prioritize housing over building a new stadium. We are advocating for housing to be the first priority in new development.


  • ADVOCATE for housing to be the top priority in Midway development.

  • CALL for the City Council to reject the Mayor's recommendation to cut two bidders out, and instead implement a clear process for analysis and selection.


  • "Politics Report: What San Diegans Are Worried About Now," Voice of San Diego (April 2022)

    • "Not only do housing and homelessness now rank as the biggest problem for nearly 60 percent of the city, according to this poll, but virtually every other concern has faded from view. No single issue gets more than five percent of people’s attention."

  • "City Staff Picks Preferred Sports Arena Bid," Voice of San Diego (April 2022)

    • "The staff recommendation shows how much Mayor Todd Gloria is prioritizing a new arena on the land, at least in the case of one of the bidders, over affordable housing.”

  • "San Diego Has a Housing Crisis, Not an Arena Crisis," Voice of San Diego (April 2022)

    • "Public lands should be used for the greatest public good – which in San Diego means housing, housing, and more housing. City leaders have articulated the importance of housing but the real test will be their decision at Midway."

    • "For the city to give priority to a state-of-the-art entertainment complex, intended to attract more concerts and minor-league sports teams, would be a gross example of misguided public planning. Without sufficient housing, San Diego can’t attract new jobs. Higher education can’t attract students."  

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