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Above are quick links to guide your registering and voting process.

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Learn about the problem and background of our project.

Fill out a 15 minute survey on voting registration at San Diego.

Come join us as an ambassador and make an impact.

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Come to our big event: the Political Candidate Debate.

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Learn more about the people and passion behind the project.


of the undergraduate population at UCSD consists of students who are eligible to vote but are registered outside of San Diego or simply not registered at all.

We spend nearly the entirety of our academic year in San Diego versus the three months possibly spent at home. As you attend UCSD you are going to be impacted by the initiatives on the ballot in local elections. It is essential we [re-]register to San Diego in order to ensure our voice, opinions, and needs are heard and represented by the political candidates that will govern us during our time in San Diego County.


If we do not become voters we leave our fate in the hands of only La Jolla’s non-youth voters, out of touch with the needs of students and youth. If we choose not to become voters we lose the ability to influence decisions that disproportionately affect us.


What will it take to create a culture of Civic Engagement at UCSD? What will it take for you to [re-]register in San Diego County and hit the polls this November?

UCSD students are already civically engaged and politically active. YVEP does not believe the “politically apathetic” stereotype that has been pinned to our campus. On the contrary, we see the politically active and empathetic reputation UCSD students have created, whether it be through striking for better working conditions in the dining halls, or protesting for higher wages and affordable housing. We want to tap into that already existing culture of civic engagement and expand it to voting in order to ensure the concerns we voice are addressed by the people who are chosen to represent us. We want to not only make voting more accessible to students through our [re-]registration efforts but also through providing the resources necessary to become confident and informed voters at the polls this year, and in the future.

To further encourage a lasting culture of civic engagement at UCSD, YVEP is also bringing the candidates to you! We will bring local San Diego candidates to campus to engage in town-hall style debate and attempt to win the student vote.

This project has never been done before! UCSD students will lead us in our efforts to encourage overall youth engagement and participation at the polls. The student response we receive at UCSD will be extremely valuable to us when expanding our efforts to solve the issue into a national agenda in the future.


Help us by filling out a quick, 5 minute survey! This will help us understand how to best tailor our resources and engagement efforts to provide the most impactful support possible to the student body!


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We want to Unite with you! Join us in our efforts to increase San Diego registration and overall voter engagement on UCSD’s campus!


What can Our Time To Act do for your organization and its members in order to assist you in creating a lasting culture of civic engagement at UCSD?


Fill out this form if your organization has an interest in meeting with us to discuss becoming an ambassador for voter and civic engagement on the university’s campus!


Tritons' Choice @ Price

To further encourage a lasting culture of civic engagement at UCSD, YVEP is also bringing the candidates to you! We will bring local San Diego candidates to campus to engage in town-hall style debate and attempt to win the student vote.



October 24th

11:00 am - 3:00 pm

The Forum @ Price


District 6 City Council candidates Kent Lee and Tommy Hough

District 35 Superior Court candidates Rebecca Kanter and Mike Murphy

about us


YVE Project Director


Nicole was born and raised in San Bernardino county, where she committed herself to civic engagement through peer-led voter registration drives, and a devotion to community service through Rotary International. 


Currently, she is studying Political Science with a focus on Public Law at the University of California San Diego and devoting herself to voter/civic engagement efforts in her new home of San Diego County.


YVE Asst. Project Director


Yvania is from City Heights San Diego however, she did study in South East Los Angeles, Tijuana, and Ensenada Mexico. 


She is now a part of the La Jolla Community as she pursues her Double Major in Political Science and Sociology for the next three years.


Hi! We met in a Political Science class during our first year at UCSD and now we work together as youth leaders at Our Time To Act! We both care deeply about issues that disproportionately affect UCSD students, like affordable housing. We are dedicated to ensuring our peers needs are met and represented by San Diego County political candidates!

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