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Director of Advocacy


San Diego and/or Remote

Rolling application. Priority given to applications submitted before September 30th.


The Director of Advocacy is in charge of high-level plans, oversight, and execution of advocacy-related action, which is designed to further youth interests at all levels of our political system. They oversee the Assistant Director of Policy & Action and the Assistant Director of Research to guide Our Time to Act United's advocacy agenda and impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of youth across the state and nation.


  • Prior relevant experience required.

  • Demonstrates strong goal management, team building, and interpersonal skills.

  • Exemplifies strong leadership qualities.

  • High school student or beyond.

  • 10-12 hours, 3-4 meetings a week.

  • Values cooperation, creativity, growth-mindset.

  • Exhibits organization, diligence, and dedication.

  • Passion for youth empowerment.


While pursuing our mission of youth empowerment, Our Time to Act United understands the importance of fostering a safe, welcoming, and positive environment for all. As such, the actions we take align with our values as an organization and as individuals.

  1. We value meaningful impact. We always seek to genuinely support those that we serve and the people within our organization.

  2. We are committed to being an inclusive and diverse group of people. These values are reflected in our hiring practices, decision-making, and programs.

  3. Our team and organization is growth-minded and development-focused. We always have room to improve!

  4. Our organization promotes honesty, communication, and integrity. These values allow for us to be a cooperative, productive, and effective team.

  5. We praise creativity and ingenuity. Nothing is more exciting than thinking outside of the box or challenging the status quo.

Applications are a two-way street. We make our values as an organization clear to you in order to make sure our team is the right fit—and we hope we are! Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions regarding our organization, values, workplace environment, or the application process.

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