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Nicole Lillie

Director of Housing Justice

Nicole Lillie

Nicole (she/her/hers) is a Political Science - Public Law student in her final year at University of California, San Diego. Before joining Our Time To Act, Nicole was heavily involved in community service work as well as voter registration and education efforts. She led her high school's Rotary Interact Club, establishing lasting bylaws and garnering over 70 regular volunteers over 3 years. In 2019 and 2020 she led [pre-]voter registration drives, [pre-]registering over 300 high school students. In July 2022, she joined Our Time To Act as our Youth Voter Engagement Director, and is now serving as our Director of Housing Justice. In 2023, Nicole was honored by the OTTA team as Staff of the Year. She was also previously awarded 2022 Passionate Leader of the Year.

Nicole believes the current state of housing in San Diego is unacceptable and that youth have the power to change it. She is passionate about organizing her peers to have transformative conversations about housing justice. The housing crisis is an intersectional issue and solutions must be informed by those disproportionately impacted by it. Nicole and her housing justice team are committed to creating safe, inclusive spaces for youth of all backgrounds to have a say in their present and future. Housing may be a complicated topic, but youth have an unmatched capacity for learning. Nicole hopes that her team can provide the information and tools necessary for youth to combine their lived-experience knowledge to the technical information necessary to solve the housing crisis. Nicole believes part of achieving housing justice is ensuring the experiences and perspectives of youth are heard and valued by their elected and community leaders, and she is only getting started. After graduation, Nicole hopes to continue organizing youth for housing justice full time.

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