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The OTTA United Student Response Initiative enables students to combat the detrimental effects of COVID-19 in our community.


This department has taken significant strides to help protect and benefit health care workers in the Nor-Cal community. 


Personal Protective Acquisition team has collected more than 400 masks and other supplies including hand sanitizer, soap, paper towels, gloves.  We have also donated 172 masks and have 100+ homemade masks ready to donate to front-line workers.


 ER Catering has provided 600 donuts and 90 meals while promoting small businesses to medical staff as a thank you for their dedication and hard work.

Assisting Seniors has been working hard to create resources for the elderly given that we are perhaps the most at-risk group during the pandemic. We have created over 25 technology walkthroughs and established a hotline number that is open daily - accepting requests for tech and emotional support. We have collaborated with 3 different student/adult organizations. Additionally, Assisting Seniors has partnered with over 300 adult volunteers to provide essential services to seniors and those who are immunocompromised or underprivileged.

Info & Research has produced numerous videos and infographics surrounding COVID-19 facts, myths, tips, and one on the Yemen crisis to spread relevant and accurate information.

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Education's focus is one main project: Book Boxes by OTTA. The mission for the OTTA United Book Boxes is to give members of the community a way to exchange books safely and to share the joys of reading with others.


Book boxes are custom-built small libraries placed in public spaces. We have locations for the mini-libraries, all of which are low-income neighborhoods. To ensure safety, periodic checks on hand sanitizer and condition are upheld.

With current funding, we have enough to create three book boxes and have launched fundraising efforts to be able to create up to ten more. We are also hoping to gather public opinion and input as to where Book Boxes could best be placed. To have maximum impact, we have reached out to communities across the Bay Area.

To prolong the Book Box project, a survey accessible to everyone via a link/QR code is attached to each Book Box,

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North Carolina has started an Online Career Fair with more than 20 videos/written responses.

North Carolina Community Outreach project has also developed Blog Posts.  They have completed four COVID-19 blogs focused on spreading accurate information and have shifted to post on Black Lives Matter issues. Recently, they have launched efforts to provide/build masks for BLM protestors.

They are also working on an information hub meant to be a compilation of resources for K-12 students of all ages.  The subject areas include applied sciences, arts, formal sciences, humanities, natural sciences social sciences, and college prep.

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Texas has served more than 600 medical staff from 5 different hospitals: Baylor White Clinic, Heart Hospital of Austin, Evergreen Family Practice, and more. While supporting small businesses, they have been able to serve over 750 donuts to essential workers.

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