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Learn about our solidarity letter on student's rights and safety.


The future is not something that just happens. It is created with intention, either by the status quo or by the people who dream for something better. Our society is suffering because we — future-shaping youth and youth allies — need more power to solve society's most existential problems: housing unaffordability, lack of public transportation, and neighborhood segregation; inequality of outcomes perpetuating injustice by class, race, gender, sexuality, ability, and more; and the climate crisis and environmental injustice.

We organize powerful youth for an inclusive, equitable, and sustainable future. Will you join us in forging this ambitious, better future for us and the generations to come?



You power our work. Be a change-maker and help us advance our mission.


Youth own the future.
We're shaping it now.


Our GOAT change-making model

Our Time To Act's dynamic approach to change-making is our "GOAT" Change-Making Model, which encompasses grassroots organizing, advocacy, and training programs. Rooted in the Trifecta Model for Youth Empowerment, we strive to foster a virtuous cycle of adaptation, opportunity, problem-solving, and impact.

Grassroots Organizing

Grassroots organizing is collective action powered by community based leaders and volunteers.

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Advocacy and Research

Advocacy is a policy-based change-making using a small, well-trained team of advocates.


Trainings and Workshops

Trainings empower youth with the experience, network, skills, and resources to be impactful leaders.


"Activating Youth" Workshop

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"Introduction to Advocacy, Mobilizing, and Organizing" Worskhop


"How Youth See Themselves, and How the World Sees Them" Workshop

GOAT Change-Making Model


Be Part of the Team

If you resonate with your mission or are interested in making an impact, consider joining the OTTA family by applying as a staff or board member! You can learn more about who's on the team here.



Support the Work

The biggest bottleneck in accomplishing our goals are funds. Right now, we work completely on a volunteer basis. Help donate today to rise money for resources and labor, enabling youth to make their voices heard.

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Upcoming Events

Your chance get involved is right around the corner. With many events coming up, this is your opportunity to learn more about us, become involved in your community, and expand your network.

Mountain Range

2024 Winter Gala: Dawn in the Mountains

Our community came together for an evening of celebration and reflection. As we look back on what we have accomplished over the course of the year, we eagerly look forward to the impact we can make and the community we can foster next year.


View our Past Events

Our past events stand as milestones in our mission to create a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable future. Each event was a unique chapter in our journey, bringing together passionate individuals, inspiring discussions, and unforgettable moments.



Make a Change

The biggest bottleneck in accomplishing our goals are funds. Right now, we work completely on a volunteer basis. Help donate today to raise money for resources and labor, enabling youth to make their voices heard.

Supprort Us

Become a Member

Join our community as a paying member to enjoy exclusive benefits, network with like-minded individuals, and be a driving force behind our work.


Roll up your sleeves and get involved directly in our initiatives. Your time and skills are invaluable in creating a tangible impact on the ground.


Your contributions fuel our efforts and drive our projects forward. Your financial support ensures we can continue working toward a better future.


Stay Updated

By staying updated, you become an integral part of our mission. Your awareness and engagement contribute to positive change in the world. Here, you'll also discover the incredible impact our community and supporters are making as well as a behind-the-scenes look at our projects, initiatives, and events.

Our Newsletter

Our newsletter is your gateway to an exclusive world of updates, insights, and inspiring stories. Join our ever-growing community of newsletter subscribers and keep your finger on the pulse of all things happening at Our Time To Act!


Press Releases

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We Value Your Opinion

We believe that the most valuable insights come directly from our community.  Whether you have a question, a brilliant idea, or constructive criticism, we're eager to hear it all. 

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