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The board of directors is an incredibly important supportive, advisory, and oversight body at Our Time to Act. It is composed of up to 20 volunteers and meets quarterly.

As described in our bylaws, the specific responsibilities of our board are to:

  • Direct our vision, mission statement, long-term objectives, and strategies.

  • Conduct oversight on staff, programs, and progress.

  • Appropriate funds in our annual budget.

  • Create and maintain organizational policy.

  • Execute the duties of each standing committee, including the finance & development, strategy & risk, and ethics & policy, and any ad hoc committees.

What role do board members play?

Board directors have diverse roles in our organization. Some are experts in certain areas, lending their prowess in a subject area to improve operations or guide in times of uncertainty. Others can speak directly on their lived experiences as youth and individuals impacted by our focus areas — or, perhaps, they are a mixture of both.

Each voice carries a unique perspective that relates to the Our Time To Act mission. So, we encourage you to come as you are and help us foster a constructive atmosphere for positive growth and transformative impact.

What do we look for in board members?

Our Time To Act prides itself on being authentic and passionate. As a result, these two values are the bedrock of our organization and team. We have also found that individuals who are curious, bold, and respectful flourish on the board.

A sense of curiosity — and the ability to ask good questions — helps us identify our strengths and weaknesses as an organization. Being bold allows board directors to speak their minds, challenging the unspoken consensus in the room and widening our collective perspective. Being respectful builds crucial relationships and trust within the board and between the board and staff.

What's the commitment?

We know your time is valuable, and we appreciate every ounce of volunteer time our board directors can devote. We strive to keep our board commitments light and flexible while offering opportunities to get involved with projects that matter to you. Currently, board directors are required to attend four virtual quarterly meetings (~2 hours per quarter) and serve on one standing committee (~4 hours per quarter). Here are the three standing committees and their functions:

Finance & Development

Manage the annual budget and necessary revisions, and review important financial decisions that require board approval.

Strategy & Risk

Manage organization strategy related to operations, advertising, financial management, access risk, and prepare for internal and external audits.

Ethics & Policy

        Manage the organization’s ethics policies, resolve violations of policy, and 
        support the cultivation of a respectful and mission-focused environment.

Community Connections

Manage sustainable networking and fundraising, nurture relationships with 
        partners and donors, and connect with the community through outreach.

The board may also, at its pleasure, form ad hoc committees to advise/oversee certain subjects or support staff projects that are of particular interest to directors.

What's the excitement

When you join Our Time To Act, you become a part of our journey. In 2019, as a group of high school students, we raised $7,033. Now, in the first six months of 2022, we have raised over $120,000. That’s impressive growth for a young nonprofit led by young people. But funding is only one side of the story. Perhaps the more salient point is our impact on the youth community. In 2020, we engaged over 120 high school students in supporting their community during COVID-19. In 2021, we influenced San Diego city politics and made a name for youth in the local community. In the spring of 2022, we knocked on 3000+ doors and brought 500+ people to the polls.

Everyone has their reason to get involved with Our Time To Act, but at the end of the day, we are united by the vision we have for our community: that the inheritors of the future hold a stake in the present. Youth should be stakeholders in key decisions that are being made today. When you join Our Time To Act, you come along for the ride that helps us grow as individuals and you become a part of a team of visionaries and doers who are shaping the future.

Board Member Job Description

Application Period

Rolling application. This role is not eligible for monetary compensation.

About the role

Working within the Board of Directors and reporting directly to the President of the Board, board members perform more than administrative tasks; they are the governing body of the organization that establishes and oversees our mission, priorities, business operations, long-term development, and finance goals. 

Skills and Qualifications

  • Familiarity with Our Time To Act mission, vision, values, and goals

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Organization and interpersonal skills

  • Strong information analysis skills

  • Goal and future-oriented decision-making skills

  • Ability to understand and analyze financial reports

  • Ability to evaluate executive performances

  • Ability to participate in the execution of strategic plans

  • Ability to fulfill fiduciary responsibilities

Experience & Education

Previous experience in aforementioned skills preferred.

Time Commitment

Average six hours per quarter. Subject to change depending on number of ad hoc committee assignments (volunteer-based work).

About the Organization

As a 501(c)(3) youth organizing nonprofit, Our Time To Act is dedicated to building youth power (aged 15-24) in areas predominantly occupied by adults to benefit the community as a whole. We play the role of coalition builders and mentors within our communities, sharing knowledge, resources, credit, and impact. And as a justice-oriented, impact-driven, and people-centered organization, our perspective grounds us with who we serve and the work we do while advancing our mission.

Equal Opportunity Employer

We are an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will be considered for open positions without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran or disability status. Our Time To Act is committed to providing equal employment opportunities and a workplace free of harassment and discrimination for all.


To submit your application, please email a completed version of this form in PDF format to, as well as an updated resumé (1 page maximum). A cover letter is optional. For more information or questions email

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